The Future of Sourcing

With the development of AI, IoT and alike, it’s easy to imagine that buyers around the world won’t need to seek out middlemen to source and make their products. Of course, we can imagine each manufacturer to be linked directly with the buyer or the final user and we are seeing this trend quite often with platforms such as AliExpress and AliBaba.

At DTL Sourcing, we have been in the industry for over 15 years and have seen the evolution and revolution of online sourcing. In the past, we received many enquiries for all sorts of products, both simple or sophisticated. Buyers did not trust companies online and wanted to be reassured by a middleman who had easy access to China or who had experiences with buying from Chinese companies. 

Following this, we started to have fewer enquiries for simple products because buyers could go on platforms such as Alibaba and check out reviews of each seller and as a result of this, could easily order smaller quantities than in the past so the overall risk had become more limited. 

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