DTL Sourcing have the contacts, systems, people and resources to source you the best deal in China.

Why Us?

How can I assess the quality of the product or service?
How can I find trustworthy suppliers and conduct business in another culture and language?

We understand the ordeal involved when it comes to fulfilling your sourcing needs in another country or region other than your own. We experienced this challenge ourselves whilst working for European companies who were trying to access the vast number of products being produced out of China. We recognised, identified and learned about the issues and great many nuances involved and from this experience created DTL Sourcing.

We deliver quality goods to your nearest Port, warehouse, factory, or even doorstep, all within a safe environment to execute what can seem a risky transaction. Our network of 500+ suppliers with a range of brands means we can provide you with many options so you can find the product that best suits your requirements. We understand that product specifications matter when you’re investing in something.

DTL Sourcing will:

  • Tender your product out
  • Validate potential suppliers
  • Provide you with samples
  • Negotiate prices for you
  • Perform stringent quality checks
  • Arrange delivery

Five great reasons to choose DTL Sourcing as your trusted partner in China:

A Network Like No Other: We have created strong relationships with dealers and distributors across China to meet all your product needs. We bring you enough choices to allow you to find the best fit.

Quality and Price: Our managers have had years of experience in trading and handle negotiations with suppliers astutely and professionally to ensure efficient, quality production and the best commercial rates. They cross-check every detail with the factory from quality right down to build-process before delivering it to you. We negotiate expertly to make sure you get the very best rates, which can save you a lot of money!

Service: Our consultants listen to all your needs and specifications. We hire interpreters who can communicate with you in your own language and better work with you.

Time: We understand time is of the essence so we deliver fast turnarounds from the time you send us an enquiry to providing you with product options, to organizing samples and finally fulfilling your order. DTL Sourcing can be your “one stop shop” allowing you to manage and process all your sourcing needs in one place.

Our team of experts: With a combined 85 years of experience in sourcing in China and Asia, we are with you at every step of the way.

Our Team

Flavien Serra

Director founder of DTL Sourcing

Originally from France, but having lived overseas for more than 10 years now, considers himself an expat. Over 10 years of experience in Asia and 15 years of International Trading. Flavien is a specialist in International Business & Management and excels in the areas of negotiation and supply chain.

Focus Yam

Team Leader, HK Office

Focus is a Hong Kong National and a motivated self-starter with 5 years’ experience at DTL and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Having a unique and in-depth understanding of International Shipping and Supply Chain, Focus plays a key role in building and forging strong relationships with suppliers, factories and Port Authorities throughout Asia.

Hugo Wertel

Sales and Marketing Director

With 10 years work experience in the USA, Latin America and Asia, Hugo has had extensive exposure to international trade and negotiations. Expert in the areas of Project Management and Sales, he is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Rupert Muir

Business Development Manager

An expat of the UK, now based in Sydney, Australia. Rupert has 10 years of experience in manufacturing & sales in Australia and a further 10 years of Sales experience from the UK. His unique understanding of cross-channel selling contributes strongly to DTL’s position in Australasia.