DTL Sourcing have the contacts, systems, people and resources
to find you the best deal in China.

We have sourced 1000+ products across diverse categories for our clients, and continue to meet their varied sourcing needs. DTL Sourcing diligently searches for the right provider that will be able to develop and supply your product to your specifications.

Listed below are some of the product categories we regularly work with. However, our capabilities extend far beyond this list. Feel free to inquire about any specific manufacturer you are seeking; chances are, we can assist you with your requirements.

Customised Items

You have an innovating idea but you do not manage to make it happen? Let us find the best factories to produce it for you.

Tyres & Wheels

Are you looking for Chinese Tyres? Do you want to produce your own design wheels?
We are the experts! Check our dedicated website:

Electronics & Telecommunication

DTL Sourcing exports all kinds of products you might find in electronics and telecommunication.

Babies & Pets

At DTL Sourcing, we take immense pleasure in catering to all your needs for your beloved little ones and furry companions.


From Gardening Tools to Watering Solutions. DTL Sourcing can find a wide array of top-quality gardening items!


We proudly offer our specialized services to craft a diverse range of toys in China, tailored to your unique specifications and needs.


Thanks to excellent partnerships with lots of renowned high-quality factories, DTL Sourcing can help you find the furniture you need in almost ANY material you can think of.

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