The Sourcing Expert in Asia

DTL Sourcing is a leading sourcing company based in Hong Kong.

Leveraging a deep network of 500+ trusted manufacturers in China, we provide companies across the world with a trustworthy channel into China for their sourcing needs. We have partnered with 100+ companies across several countries in Europe, America and the Asia Pacific to help them access the vast products being produced in China.  We have serviced over 300+ sourcing orders.

Three people looking for goods on DTL Sourcing Page         We help you overcome the challenges of working across different business cultures, languages and time zones.  We make your sourcing transactions easier by handling everything for you no matter what you are looking for, whether consumer goods, electronics and technology, or industrial goods.

We deliver quality goods from China’s factories to your doorstep safely, efficiently and at highly competitive prices.  You will see the bottom-line value in aligning your company with our sourcing services.

How we help you

  • Assisted Purchasing: Assistance in choosing reputable trade partners, validating potential suppliers and negotiating prices on your behalf.
  • Custom Manufacturing: Locating suitable manufacturer for specially designed product that is not or rarely available. We also manage the whole manufacturing project 
  • Supplier Management: Taking up management of your current supplier(s). No more delays, loss of shipment or price increase.
  • Inspection/ Quality Control: Checking up a potential supplier’s factory, product quality, working environment, security, social accountability and other relevant factors closely.
  • Shipments: Ensuring that the merchandise meets the product specifications with focus on style, design, color, quantity, size, workmanship, packing and shipping.

Our team has in-depth knowledge and a combined 50 years of sourcing experience in China and Asia.   They are experts in particular industry verticals.  We are with you, whatever your sourcing needs. 

Client testimonial: “Since 2009, DTL sourcing has helped me to source all the goods for my car accessories business.  They helped me cut costs significantly, finding me the best deal.  They have taken care of all the challenges and hassle of trying to work with Chinese suppliers allowing me to focus more on distribution”

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