Based closed to the GuangDong, the cradle of all Hi-Tech products of the world, our Chinese neighbors produce GPS, cables, iPhones, Playstation, 3D TV, and so much more products that we daily use. Doesn’t matter if the needed products are for professionals or for general public, we have THE partner for you.

Electronics for public :

– Hi-Fi : DVD Blu-ray player, TV, Sound system, MP3/MP4 player

– Monitors, Desk computers, laptop, tablets, Smartphones, USB, Hard Drives, electronic component

– Printers, scanners, ink cartridges, digital photo frame, power banks and cases for phones and tablets.

– NEW PRODUCTS: 3D Printers, Bluetooth phone watch, HDMI splitter

Telecommunication for professionals :

– Modems, routers, modules, switch, transceivers, adapters CISCO and HP

– All kind of cables : red copper, optical fiber

– deskphone corded or cordless, GSM phones

– GPS, phones antenna, poles